The Story

Winery Tenuta di Fra'

It was gut feeling and luck. Almost “opposite” our Suites & Breakfast Poggio Antico spread like a lush green fan the 7ha of vines. Seamlessly. Soft. Poignant. Enthroned in the lap, architecturally reduced, the charming Tenuta di Fra’. Small and simple.

Sun-kissed, the fertile soil shows a lot of minerality, fruit and honest terroir.


35% sand – 35% mud – 30% clay – with a pH of 6.5. Orientation southwest, so the vines are exposed to optimal sunlight. The ground, with ideal drainage and deep water reservoir, promotes vertical root growth. Strong vines are the result.


The Marchs, also known as Italy in a region, is the queen of Italy, since the Appenines meet the sea and the south and the north. The climate is sub-continental with clear climatic changes of the seasons, hot summer, cold winter and regular rainfall during the winter month.