Franziska Ganthaler

The beginning of a beautiful story

With Love

Sometimes you have to go for the good feeling! This was also felt by Franziska Ganthaler, the South Tyrolean hotelier. As an absolute newcomer, she acquire the existing winery in 2018.

New name, excellent enologist, let’s go. With much courage, unbelievable passion and support of the family, the winery convinces with organic cultivation and love to the indigenous grape varieties Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba. The beginning of a new story …

Franziska Ganthaler

``Sometimes you have to trust yourself and do what your stomach says.``

Tenuta di Fra' - Marche
Tenuta di Fra' - Martalie

Tenuta di Fra'

The Red Wines

Tenuta di Fra'

The White Wines

Tenuta di Fra' - Super Lorenzo
Tenuta di Fra' - Tastings



You will fall in love with the view from our terrace. We are happy to be your hosts for an individual tasting of our awarded wines. Appointment desired.


Events & private präsentations

Are you looking for a special place for your exclusive celebration? We offer a stage in a fantastic location.

Tenuta di Fra' - Events


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  • Nachschub?
Wir liefern deutschlandweit. Das ist Sommer im Glas und ein bisschen „Poggio Antico“ Urlaub für zuhause.
Ros‘Anna, Primo Ballo, Super Lorenzo.... Tenuta di Fra‘. Jetzt bestellen 
#tenutadifra #hotelmuchele #wirhaltenzusammen #poggio_antico
  • Another new-entry!!!!!! Spumante „ANTON“ dedicated to the smallest grandchild of Franziska. 
Made of Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi. #tenutadifra #newentry #vinidellemarche
  • Perfect match. Vino e pane. Thank you Helene for this pic @kostbrot 
#tenutadifra #vinidellemarche #lovelydetails
  • „Imbottigliamento“ From the NEW Rosé wine, Lacrima fi Morro d‘ Alba 2019.
Special detail- the art etiquette from Erich Stecher.
#tenutadifra #vinidellemarche #roselover
  • Thank u for this emotions @wussmann2 #poggio_antico #tenutadifra #visitalemarche #italylovers
  • NEW in stock! Nostro olio d‘ oliva. Like medicine. #tenutadifra #oliodoliva #yellowmedicine

nelle Marche

Discover the winery

The 7 hectares of vineyards of Tenuta di Fra’ are spreading like a juicy green fan.
Seamlessly. Soft. Poignant.
Enthroned in the womb, architecturally reduced.